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The Unity Development Center (UDC)  is a non profit community development organization, specializing in education & family support services. UDC has a successful record of community support and services to more than 200 families and youth in the urban and core north-west areas on Jacksonville. We believe that a person that is provided with an education, supportive services, and life training can take control of their own destiny and success.


The purpose of the Unity Development

Center is to provide a place  enhancement

for community enhancement with character and integrity for all people. We are purposed to bring change to families and communities globally by implementing a community wide strategic plan that will confront economic, social and spiritual change. Resources provided will produce an opporrtunity for needed change in the lives of the people who utilize the center.

UDC Focuses on the issues that plague the targeted demographic groups in and across our communities.


Our Vision, Our Mission, 
Our Success!


                                                                          UDC is under the leadership of                                                                               Dr. Floyd B. Jones. This is a                                                                                     program designed to restore the                                                                             lives of hurting people in the                                                                                   Community who have been                                                                                     broken by overwhelming results                                                                               of a continuing economic                                                                                         recession. Our demographic                                                                                   groups include ex-offenders, troubled youth, abused men & women, children & substance abusers. We work diligently with several other community based programs & agencies in providing assistance & leadership to people who are experiencing difficulty sustaining basic & social needs.

UDC focuses in the issues that plague the targeted demographic groups in & across our Communities. UDC provides Alternatives designed to empower & assist people transitioning from a life on co-dependency to become Self-sufficient, well balanced individuals who can contribute in positive ways, back to our Community. Our objectives focus on several health & healing essentials such as Social Development, Education, Job readiness, Financial Management, Work Therapy & Special Awareness.